About Peak Performance

From couch to full marathon, i can and will help you achieve your distance goals.

Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness

Jogging or running is an excellent source of physical fitness.  It builds strong bones, strengthens muscles, improves your cardiovascular system burns great calories and improves your overall physical health.



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If you are ready to get started with a personalized running plan OR you are still considering the value I could bring to your performance, fill out our athletic questionnaire and I'll reach out to you to discuss your goals and ambitions.

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Indoor Speed Workouts

Coach Mike Else from Peak Performance Runner and TRRC Coaching will be offering indoor speed training beginning on Wednesday January 9th and continuing through February 27th.  All workouts will be at the Turnstone Indoor facility.  For pricing and dates - download OUR FLYER.

Coaching Options

Silver Advantage Plan

This option is great for the athlete who just needs some direction in the form of a structured training plan and is able to execute it on their own.

Gold Preferred Plan

This option is great for the athlete who needs a personal coach for motivation and a plan that is flexible to meet their lifestyle changes.

Diamond Premier Plan

This option is the perfect for the athlete who needs guidance on a weekly basis and you live in or around the Fort Wayne area.

News & Upcoming Events

Indoor Speed Information

I've recently uploaded an indoor speed flyer.   You can find it above in our main menu.

Find a local race

Looking for a local or area running event?  Fort Wayne Running Club is a great website to find your next running adventure.

Catch My Videos

You can see my latest videos, including interviews, tips, etc. on my youtube channel HERE.